Looking for ideas to help you plan your wedding ceremony?

Something old, something new, something borrowed…

When I became a celebrant I did an extensive search for wedding ceremony ideas which might be of interest to my clients.  My ideas list is not exhaustive, however most people can find some ceremony ideas in my collection that are of interest to them. If you choose to book with me as your celebrant, I will use my expertise and intuition to weave your chosen ideas into a meaningful and coherent ceremony that authentically reflects your values and beliefs as a couple or family.

In planning your ceremony you may wish to draw on traditional symbolic and ritual elements – whether they be a reflection of the cultural or religious traditions you were raised in or a borrowing from elsewhere. Here in Australia we have a rich multi-cultural heritage available to inspire us – so whether you’re sticking to tradition or departing from it, there are plenty of different ideas to choose from.

Wedding Vows – Declaring your Intention & Pledging your Loving Commitment

This is the heart of the marriage ceremony.  It can be as simple as making an announcement before the assembled
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What is a Blessing Circle?

Blessing Circles for All Occasions In contrast to a formal scripted ceremony which usually runs for 30 minutes at most,
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How to Choose the Right Celebrant for You

How to ensure that the ceremony you get is one that makes your spirit sing? Chances are good that you have
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The Most Important Thing

Begin by figuring out what is most important to you! The most moving, memorable ceremonies are ones which truly reflect your
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Some principles of Spiritual Ceremony

So you’re planning a ceremony.. Congratulations! For thousands of years, humans have used ceremony to help us adapt to change
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A lovely old Irish wedding vow

Celtic Wedding Vow This old Irish wedding vow comes from the Celts. Translated by Morgan Llywelyn in her book Finn MacCool.   You cannot
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Planning your ‘green’ wedding – How to have a wedding that doesn’t cost the Earth

My first attempt to put something together about the idea of ‘green’ or ‘eco-friendly’ weddings was ill-fated. It disappeared into 
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