We found Ishara sensitive to our attitude to the wedding ceremony but prepared to bring up new ideas that we hadn’t thought of ourselves. We were very glad to find the ceremony so meaningful even though informal. We were impressed with the amount of research Ishara did to provide suitable readings.

I would certainly recommend Ishara as a celebrant as she is sympathetic, tactful, and adaptable, and in our experience can make what was expected to be a fairly straightforward ceremony into a momentous and touching occasion.

Mary and Charlie were getting married again, to each other, after a divorce and 20 years of living independently
on either side of the globe. Charlie had stayed on in Western Australia to follow his career as an archaeologist, while Mary had gone back to her native England to live and work as a freelance editor. With children and then grandchildren connecting them, Mary and Charlie had maintained a friendship across the years, and were ready to try living together again…

Remarrying – Each other! South Fremantle, Western Australia