I asked Ishara to help me with my wedding. She provided us with practical suggestions and gave creative input into how we could augment the ceremony with our own personal symbolism.

Being a blended family and marrying later in life (our respective children were 10 and 12 at the time); we wanted them to be part of the ceremony and honour their place in our lives. Ishara helped to create a beautiful moment where we both gave vows of love and dedication to our step children. This made an impression on all our friends and family and helped to unite us as a whole, healing the disparate aspects of our pasts. At all times Ishara was very sensitive to both our points of view.

On the day she helped to ‘hold the energy’ and to weave the magic we wanted for our wedding.

One gift of advice that I cherish from Ishara is that ‘you are not alone in marriage’. She encouraged me to seek the council and support of friends and family in times of worry and made a personal commitment to be there for ‘us’ if we were finding life difficult. It is the sense that marriage is an ongoing experience that changes and grows as people do. Making a vow in public to be married together, strengthens the bond between the couple, giving them a tangible point of reference. It is the significance of this bond that I believe Ishara communicates so well.

Alana M.

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