“Hi Ishara,

The Mumma Blessing was a fabulous way for women to show on an emotional level how much they care and to display enthusiasm for such a special event. It was fun to participate in and enjoyed by all, especially the Mumma to Be. Women were all impressed by your open manner and accepting insights to both birthing and motherhood and how there is not just one way to do things – greatly appreciated!!

Lots of love to you and thanks for a fun night!”



Coralie was in the final weeks of her first pregnancy when her friend Rebecca approached me about holding a Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle for her. Coralie was also intending to have a baby shower which would be a larger social affair, and the idea of the Blessing Circle event was that it would be a more intimate circle of women friends, including her own mother. The Blessing Circle was held in one of Coralie’s friends’ houses, and all the women who came contributed to the cost of the evening.

Blessing Circle for Coralie – July 2009