“One of the wonderful things about weddings is the way that they connect us into timeless human traditions – Yvonne and Chris are following in the footsteps of countless generations of men and women all over the world who have chosen to formally enter into the covenant of marriage according to the traditions of their own peoples and places. Yvonne’s cultural heritage is Singaporean Chinese, and you will see this reflected in the decorations that she and Chris have chosen for the reception. Today Chris has chosen to honour his Scottish ancestry, by wearing his grandfather’s kilt, and also in the choice of music to accompany the ceremony..”

“Family and friends, will you now please stand for the arrival of the bride – who will make her entrance on the red carpet to the accompaniment of the bagpipes.”

Piper plays as Yvonne makes a ceremonial entrance on the arm of her eldest daughter, followed by the rest of the children…

The bride looked gorgeous in a traditional chinese red silk dress as she came forward to stand beside her groom, bringing with her a family of five children and one grandson.. When it came time for the giving away, the bride’s eldest daughter spoke for them all as she affirmed her love and support for their mother and the man who had come to occupy a special place in all of their lives.

In this wedding ceremony, the bride and groom each selected a poem to read to the other as prelude to the exchange of vows, and formation of a new united family was symbolised through the Unity Sand-pouring ceremony in which all eight members of the new family plus the best man participated. The nine different colours of sand looked beautiful in the glass vase that the bride and groom had chosen for the occasion.

Mulberry on Swan is a function centre in the Swan River Valley, Perth, Western Australia which offers this lovely outdoor setting for weddings.



Blending Families, Blending Traditions – Wedding at Mulberry on Swan, Perth, Western Australia