Sometimes a couple will contact me to see if I can help them make it legal with as little fuss as possible in their own home – just themselves and their two witnesses…

In this particular case, the couple were both practising Hindus who planned to return to India for a big three day Hindu wedding celebration later on.  The man had already migrated to Australia, and now he was organising for his beloved to join him on a permanent basis.  They arranged for his brother and his wife to come across from Melbourne to be their official witnesses, and the marriage was solemnised in the living room of their Osborne Park flat with the legal minimum of ceremony.

That said, all four of them had dressed themselves up very formally, Indian style, with the women in gorgeous saris. Before we began, the bride and groom ducked around the corner into their little kitchen to say a prayer in front of their house altar.  And to my delight, once the required words were spoken and the certificates were duly signed, I unexpectedly found myself a participant in what appeared to be a traditional ritual: first the bride and groom fed each other large slices of black forest cake, and then their two witnesses took turns at putting cake in the mouths of the bride and groom and were fed in return. The sister in law seemed to take great delight in helping the groom to get cake and cream all over his face in the process.  I too was fed a bite of cake, although with a little more restraint and decorum!
Sadly I don’t have any photos of the occasion, although the memory will surely stay with me.

‘Signing the certificates’ – A simple solemnisation of Marriage