“Family and friends, welcome!  Please gather around.  The ceremony is about to begin.  If you have a mobile phone or pager with you, this would be a good time to turn it to silent… If we could please make sure that those who need a seat have one?  And those who are standing, please gather in close so that you can all hear…”

Where the wedding was supposed to happen

Rachael & Anthony chose a spring wedding in the open air in the beautiful surrounds of Yanchep National Park.  Perth weather in spring is changeable, and although the wedding rehearsal earlier in the week had been a perfect sunny day, the day of the wedding itself was cloudy with passing showers. So instead of performing the ceremony by the lake-side, we ended up moving the chairs under the verandah of the old homestead, now a visitors centre.. The effect was a little like being in a chapel, and guests afterwards commented on the intimate feel which being contained in that smaller space had created.

Rachael chose “Desiderata” by Max Ehrmann, a long-time favorite of hers, to open the ceremony.  After the exchange of vows and the ring ceremony, Rachael and Anthony chose to incorporate the lighting of unity candle to commemorate their union in marriage.  A special highlight was when Rachaels rather shy sister Madonna bravely took up her guitar and sang a rendition of “Into My Arms” b Nick Cave as a special wedding gift to her sister and new brother-in-law.  To conclude the ceremony, each guest was given a small rose quartz ‘wishing stone’ to charge with their love and good wishes for the newly married couple, and these were then collected up and presented to Rachael & Anthony as a keepsake reminder of all the love and support that surrounds them as they embark on the adventure of married life together.

In keeping with the pastoral feel of the setting, the final words of blessing were inspired by the four elements – earth, air, water and fire:

 May the foundations of the loving marriage that you have laid
through your actions here prove solid and enduring as the earth beneath your
 feet this day. And may these small pebbles remind you of the support of family and friends that is always there for you.

May the breath of life breath through your marriage, like the air on this spring day in the park, keeping it fresh and playful, and may the song of your love for each other keep singing in your hearts for as long as you both shall live

May the overflowing feelings that are in your hearts this day become a flowing fountain of love, like a rich sweet wine, running through all your days, teaching you to bend and shift with the challenges of life and never losing the taste of essence that binds you together this day.

May the flame of passion burn strong and steady in your marriage, like the unity candle that you have lit together this day, enlightening and enlivening your shared life with creative energy and the warmth of enduring love.

‘Many waters cannot quench love;
flooding rivers 
cannot sweep it away.’
What love has brought together
let no turn of time or fortune break asunder!

Due to wet spring weather conditions, we needed to take shelter under the verandah of the Visitors’ Centre.
A Spring Wedding in Yanchep National Park