Annie & Stephen : Celebrating a mature and committed love with a ceremony in the garden of their home in Palmyra, Fremantle Western Australia.

Ceremony Outline:-

1 Gathering

2 The musician’s play ‘Annie’s Song’ as Annie enters the garden via the front door of the house, accompanied by her daughter & son and moves to stand by Stephen.

3 Introduction by Ishara
“Annie and Stephen have chosen this commitment ceremony as a way of
affirming and deepening the bonds of love which have grown up between them
since they first met three years ago. In planning today’s ceremony, they were
clear that neither of them wish for or feel the need to register a legal marriage.
For them, it is more important to be able to declare their love and commitment
in front of the people who matter the most in their worlds – you, their family and

4 Opening – A circle of love, a circle of petals – created by Annie’s grandchildren

5 Reading – “Circle of Life” by Black Elk, Oglala Sioux – read by a family member

6 Libation – A Ritual Gesture of Thanksgiving – water is poured out on the earth.

7 Explanation of the pebble ceremony & distribution of pebbles

8 We pause to remember those who are not present

9 Reading – excerpts from Kalil Gibran’s The Prophet – read by another relative

10 Consent / The Asking

11 Vows & Exchange of Rings  (the couple wrote their own vows)

12 Signing the Keepsake Certificate

13 Handfasting with ribbons

14 Announcement of the Union & Kiss

15 Blessing of Pebbles by family and friends

16 Final words of blessing by Ishara

17 Presentation & Congratulations


The Couple’s Feedback:- 

The Celebrant
Reflecting on your experience of Ishara …
Did you find Ishara approachable and friendly? 4=In Every Way
Did you feel that Ishara listened to you and responded to your needs? 4=In Every Way
Did you find Ishara’s behaviour appropriate and professional? 4=In Every Way
“Thank you Ishara for listening to our feelings, and putting those thoughts into a relevant and beautiful ceremony, you gave it a lot of thought and came up with a perfect plan.”

On the day
Reflecting on your experience of the ceremony itself…
Did the ceremony fulfill your expectations? 4=In Every Way
Did it enhance your positive sense of self and/or of your relationship? 4=In Every Way
Did it help you to feel more connected to your community (friends/family)? 4=In Every Way
Was it well received by your guests? 4=In Every Way
“Everyone has commented on the lovely ceremony and how their faith in love has been restored!”

The planning process
Reflecting on your experience of the process leading up to the ceremony..
Did it help you clarify what you personally wanted to get out of having this ceremony? 4=In Every Way
Did it provide you with relevant information and resources? 4=In Every Way
Did it result in a plan for your ceremony that you were completely satisfied with? 4=In Every Way

Commitment ceremony for a mature couple