This Name-Giving & Blessing Ceremony was held on the lookout platform overlooking Blackwall Reach on the Swan River

The format of this ceremony was inspired by the Druid belief that our individual human lives are shaped by the actions of five great transpersonal currents of energy – the spirit of our ancestors, the spirit of the our ‘tribe’ or community, the spirit of the times we were born into, the spirit of the place we live in,  and the spirit of the journey – our soul’s journey of evolution through many lifetimes.

Family cicle at Morgan's Blessing & Name-giving ceremony. Held at Blackwall Reach Lookout on the Swan River in Bicton, Western Australia

Order of Ceremony

  1. Introduction by Ishara

  1. Calling of the Directions/Elements

Ishara: A ceremony works by creating a special time and space set apart from the ordinary doings of daily life. And so I would like to begin today’s proceedings by inviting us all to take some slow deep breaths, and allow ourselves to become fully present in this time and place. I invite you to consciously take this opportunity to open your senses to the beauty of the surroundings, to these special people and all the love that is gathered here today.

S and J believe in the Divinity of Nature and also draw on Christian and Buddhist beliefs. And so, for today’s ceremony they have chosen with the help of their son’s grandparents to start by invoking blessings from the deities they believe in, the four directions and elements of our world.J, if you would like to begin?

J: I am M’s father and I call in the Blessings of Holy Father, Jesus Christ, Lord  Buddha and of the Sun

S:  I am M’s mother and I call in the Blessings of Mother Mary, Lord Kwan Yin, the Healing Angels and of the Moon.

C:   I am M’s Grandpa and I call in the blessings of the North and Fire  –  the warmth of passion, the spirit of adventure and courageous hearts.

J:   I am M’s Granny and I call in the blessings of the East and Air – the breath of life, fresh beginnings and clear minds.

P:   I am M’s Oma and I call in the blessings of the South and Earth  –  good food and companions to share it with, a peaceful home, a quiet spirit.

Victor:      I am Morgan’s Pop and I call in the blessings of the West and Water – the call of the sea, deep feeling, the power of dreams.

  1. Formal Name Giving

S and J tell about the significance of the names they‘ve chosen for their son.  The names are then formally bestowed.

  1. Blessing with water

Naming Ceremony for Morgan at Blackwall Reach Lookout on the Swan River in Bicton, Western Australia
After an introduction by Ishara, the bowl of water is passed around the circle so all can add their blessings.  Blessed water is sprinkled on the boy’s head by his parents with some words of blessing.

  1. Appointment of God parents

S and J tell why they chose these two as godparents. The godparents are formally asked to accept this role.

  1. Invoking the spirits of the circle to bring their blessing to the little boy

Ishara:      In Druidry, there is a belief that an individual human life involves the intersection of five different spirits or streams of energy.:- the Spirit of the Ancestors, the Spirit of the Tribe, the Spirit of the Times, the Spirit of the Place and the Spirit of the Journey.    Today we will honor each of these and ask for their blessings on the life of this beloved child.

The Spirit of the Times

“I bring you the blessings of the Spirit of the Times. These are times of sweeping global change, of inventiveness and adaptability, of a return to awareness of the importance of spirit and the unseen dimensions of life… May the gifts of resilience and compassion be yours.”

The Spirit of the Ancestors

“I bring you the blessings of the Spirit of the Ancestors. May the gifts of courage and wisdom be yours.  Never forget that within your veins runs the blood of scientists and explorers, of homemakers, farmers, healers, artists and more”

The Spirit of the Tribe

“I bring you the blessings of the Spirit of the Tribe.  We welcome you into our family, into this your circle of community, and into the larger family of humankind… May the gifts of love and companionship be yours.”

The Spirit of the Place

“I bring you the blessings of the Spirit of this Place.  May you always feel at home in this, the country your spirit was born into, under the shade of the marri trees by the banks of the Swan River.  May you learn to live in this land with respect for its ways and its people’s.”

The Spirit of the Journey

“I bring you the blessings of the Spirit of the Journey.  May the grand adventure of your lifetime unfold for you just as it needs to, bringing you those challenges and gifts that will enable you to grow and blossom in ways that are personally fulfilling and make a positive difference to the world around you”

  1. Closing reading

After a final reading, the ceremony closed with a toast to M’s health and long-life, and everyone shared a wee drop of rum!  M’s parents then poured out the remaining blessed water over the cliff into the river below as a thanks-offering for the gift of M’s life.

Druid Inspired Name-Giving & Blessing Ceremony