Kristy & Bobbie’s Union Ceremony
to be held at 4:30pm on Saturday 30th January 2010
under the gazebos at Merv Cowan Park in East Fremantle

  1. Gathering In

              “Today we gather to celebrate the union of Kristy Lynn Groves and Bobbie Lara Janssen.  My name is Catherine Ishara de Garis – Ishara for short – and it is my pleasure and privilege to have been invited to be the celebrant for today’s ceremony.             What a joy it is to see so many smiling faces gathered around and feel the love and good wishes that you bring to what is probably the biggest day of Kristy and Bobbie’s shared lives.. their wedding day.

  1. Procession of the Brides

Ishara:    And now, if you will please stand for the arrival of the brides!  Can we please have the music?

Music – “Today” by Joshua Radin

 Kristy arrives.. escorted by her son Jesse

 Soon to be followed by Bobbie on the arm of her father Tim

  1. Words of Welcome

Ishara sets  the scene for the ceremony

“Love knows no boundaries of race, class, age or gender. The yearning to consecrate true love in a ceremonial way is so deep and so natural, that no amount of societal disapproval can hold back the tide.This is why Kristy and Bobbie have asked you to gather here on this their wedding day. Each of you has been invited here to support them with your presence as they take this big step together.  Although under Australian law same-sex couples do not currently have the right to legally register a marriage, Kristy and Bobbie want you to know that  they consider the commitments that you are about to witness to be every bit as permanent and binding.   You are the loving circle of family and friends whom they have invited to bear witness as they each make a solemn commitment to love, honour and cherish the other for as long as they both shall live.”    

4.      Giving Away

“Who brings these women to be joined together today?”

 “We do!”

  1. Blessing of the Rings

The wedding rings are secured together with a ribbon or in a small bag and passed to each guest in turn. The guest with the rings gets the opportunity to offer a prayer, blessing or wish for the wedding couple, either silently or aloud. In this manner the rings are “warmed” with good thoughts before being returned to the officiant and either blessed or simply handed to the couple  to exchange with each other. 

  1. Handwashing Ceremony

“From today forward, your lives and fates will be joined in ways you have only barely begun to glimpse.   At times such as this, whenever a significant spiritual passage in life is made, the wisdom traditions of the world recommend a ritual cleansing or purification to make ready for a new beginning…”


  1. Reading – “The Art of Marriage” by Wilferd A Peterson
  1. Consent


“Today’s ceremony is intended to join you in a union that is both intimate and enduring.  The promises you make here today will set the seal on the bonds of love that have grown up between you since first you came into each others lives.  The choice that both of you have made – to stand here today and publicly make these promises to each other – holds the potential deepen your relationship in ways that are both subtle and profound.  This is not a step to be taken lightly. And so it behoves me to ask you…  Do you, knowing this woman’s love for you and returning it, realising her strengths and learning from them, recognising her weaknesses and helping her to overcome them, choose her to be your wife?

  1. Vows & Exchange of Rings


  1. Signing of the Certificate


  1. Kiss to seal the Union

Ishara announces the Union and invites Bobbie & Kristy to seal their union with the traditional kiss

  1. A Blessing – read by Erin

May the sun shine on all your days.
May the moon bless all your nights.
May you always remember to say something kind,
And forgive each other when you fight.
May the dark be warm and welcoming
and always give way to the light!

13.  Becoming a family – Sand Pouring Ceremony with the children


  1. Closing blessing

Ishara:    Kristy, Bobbie, Erin and Jesse..

              May your joys be as bright as the morning,
your years of happiness as numerous as the stars in the heavens,
and your troubles but shadows that fade in the sunlight of love.

              May your home be filled with laughter and the warm embrace of a summer day.

              May you find peacefulness and beauty,
challenge and satisfaction, humor and insight,
healing and renewal, love and wisdom, as in a quiet heart.

              May you always feel that what you have is enough.

  1. Presentation of the newly united family

“Family and friends, I now present to you the newly united family..I am sure you will all join me in wishing them the very best for their shared future.”

Union ceremony for two brides