Coralie was in the final weeks of her first pregnancy when her friend Rebecca approached me about holding a Pregnant Mama Blessing Circle for her. Coralie was also intending to have a baby shower which would be a larger social affair, and the idea of the Blessing Circle event was that it would be a more intimate circle of women friends, including her own mother. The Blessing Circle was held in one of Coralie’s friends’ houses, and all the women who came contributed to the cost of the evening.

Ceremony Outline


Rebecca welcomes
everyone and introduces Ishara

Ishara says a few
words about herself, the intention of the ceremony and what to expect.

Each woman
introduces herself to Ishara and says how she is connected to Coralie.

Opening Prayer

All join hands in a
circle for the opening prayer. A candle is lit.

Chanting & drumming

Ishara leads
everyone in the Welcome Song plus a couple of other chants with drumming to get
the energy flowing

A Reading

Rebecca reads a poem she has chosen.

Calling in the Angels

Each woman draws an
angel card and tells us which angel she has drawn, before replacing it in the

Celebrating the Journey

The circle holds a
space for Coralie to share about her experience of the passage to motherhood – her
feelings about the changes in her life, her hopes and dreams for the forthcoming
birth and newborn motherhood, any fears or concerns she is sitting with.

Coralie’s Letting Go ritual

Ishara guides
Coralie through a ritual of letting go using salt and water. This is about honouring the old pre-pregnancy
self which is passing away to make room for the new mother-self that is
preparing to be born. Let yourself feel
all the feelings!


Everyone is invited
to get up and move their bodies for a couple of minutes to help keep the energy

Washing of Feet

Signifying a new
beginning. One of her friends ceremonially
washes Coralie’s feet in warm water then anoints them with a scented oil or
body lotion.

Belly Painting & Ritual Feeding of the Pregnant Mama

Each woman
contributes her touch of body paint to celebrate the pregnant mama! And then feeds her a tid-bit from the bowl
of nibbles on the table…

Coralie practices
allowing herself to receive lots of love and support.

Beading Ritual

Each woman in the
circle is given a small paper heart on which to write her blessing for

Coralie’s mother gives her a red thread representing the
maternal line which connects her to all the women in her lineage who have ever
given birth.

Then each woman in
turn shares her blessing for Coralie then presents her with a bead for her
birthing bracelet or necklace. The beads
and blessing hearts are collected in a small box or basket.

Laying on of Hands

All the women gather
around Coralie and place a hand on her (wherever they can reach) while Ishara
guides a visualisation of healing energy flowing through them into Coralie,
‘charging up her batteries’ ready for the birth.

Closing Circle

Each woman receives a small token to take home with her.

We all join hands again for a closing prayer.

Postscript from Rebecca:-

Hi Ishara,
Here are some pics, hot off the press!! Coz had a 4.2kg bouncing
baby boy on Sunday. Her labour was especially hard work, as bub was
posterior but in just under 7hrs she managed to push bub out naturally
as she was hoping for – yes, a MIRACLE at SJOGH Subi!!!!
Hope you are well and I can’t help but feel that our blessing contributed to a positive experience!!
Take care,
Blessing circle for a first-time pregnant mum