Begin by figuring out what is most important to you!

The most moving, memorable ceremonies are ones which truly reflect your being – your unique qualities, needs and values – and actively engage the circle of community around you. Such a ceremony builds a shared sense of meaningfulness and connection.

What matters to you?

What moved you to want this ceremony? Why now?

How do you want to feel on your special day?

How do you want your loved ones to feel?

If you keep this in the front of your mind, it becomes much easier to recognise what is right for you – which celebrant to choose, where to hold the ceremony, who you want to participate with you and who you want to witness it all.

Pick your flavour

Ceremonies come in a variety of tones and flavours that reflect the people they are created for. A ceremony can be a solemn occasion warranting a high degree of formality, or it may be a more relaxed casual-dress affair. A ceremony can be short and sweet – a simple declaration of intention in the presence of witnesses lasting half an hour at most. Or it might be a longer event, lasting an hour or two, in which everyone present is invited to be actively involved in the symbolic action of the ceremony. In some ceremonies, most of the talking is done by the celebrant, whilst in others the celebrant’s role is largely to prompt the various participants when it is their turn to read or speak.

If you have something significant happening in your life that you would like to mark with a personal ceremony, Ishara will work with you to co-create a ceremony design which matches your sense of the occasion. Find out how..

Multi-cultural and religious elements

Do you think of yourself as a spiritual person?
– If so, what does that mean to you?

Whether or not we consider ourselves religious, by and large contemporary Australians have a greater wealth of multi-cultural and spiritual symbolism available to us than did many of our ancestors. We are lucky to be able to draw on this treasure-trove to add meaning and colour to our ceremonies.

In designing personal ceremonies, I am very happy to include symbolic elements, inspirational readings and prayers from any cultural or spiritual traditions which may be personally meaningful to you.

My work as a celebrant is under-pinned by my personal spirituality. When appropriate, I enjoy opportunities to honour our connection to nature – this land and the wider planet -and to offer reverence to all aspects of the divine feminine.

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The Most Important Thing