How to ensure that the ceremony you get is one that makes your spirit sing?

Chances are good that you have never done this before. You want a celebrant who understands what makes for a ceremony that is alive and memorable, someone who can guide you through the process with ease and grace. You want to enjoy your ceremony and feel uplifted by the experience. You want to feel confident that, at the end of the day, you’ll be receiving the compliments of your family and friends about what a lovely ceremony it was.

Or perhaps you’ve had a less than sparkling experience with a celebrant or ceremony in the past. You know what you don’t want, but you may not be sure what else is possible. You want a celebrant who will listen carefully and help you to discern what you do want, someone who can help you choose the subtle touches that will make this ceremony feel like a perfect fit.

Your First Step

Your first step is to make sure that the celebrant you engage is someone who will really listen to you and who will be sensitive to your personal values and beliefs.

Most celebrants will be happy to talk with you on the phone, and some will offer an initial obligation-free meeting so you can decide whether you are a good match for each other.

There is an amazingly wide variety of celebrants in the market-place at present, charging a wide range of fees for a full range of services to meet every need from the quick and cheap (for those who simply want to ‘make it legal’ with a minimum of fuss) to the glamour wedding (with a full cast of professional support people and a movie-star budget to match).

Is this You?

As a celebrant, my ideal clients are adults who value the spiritual dimension of life, however they may understand that.

My goal is to engage in a thoughtful process of consultation and reflection that will result in a personally meaningful ceremony that is nourishing to your spirit.

I recognise that for many contemporary people, spirituality is an intensely personal thing, one which is sometimes difficult to put into words. For some, who were raised within the context of a conventional religious framework, there may be elements of that tradition which are still relevant and important to them. For others, their sense of the spiritual may be strongly informed by experiences in nature, by their yoga or meditation practice, by their experiences with one of the many healing modalities with which we are now so richly blessed, by close encounters with the mysteries of death and childbirth, the awareness of unseen helpful presences, dreams or a sense of inner guidance.

I also enjoy working with people of faith, from any tradition, especially those who embrace the sacredness of nature and/or rever the Divine Feminine in any or all of Her forms.

Your Next Step

If you are thinking about engaging me as your celebrant, I would encourage you to take a good look around this website to get a feeling for the kind of work I do, and then…

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The best way to figure out whether I am the right celebrant for you is to speak with me!

That’s why I encourage you to give me a phone call.
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I recognise that choosing a celebrant is an important decision, so if you prefer to meet face to face I’m happy to make an appointment to for a cuppa (in the Fremantle area) so you can check me out and talk to me about your situation.

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How to Choose the Right Celebrant for You