Welcoming, Naming & Blessing Ceremonies
for the NEW BABY in your family


Looking for an alternative to a religious ceremony to celebrate your baby or young child?

When you pre-book a Naming Ceremony, Welcoming or Baby Blessing Ceremony  to be held on a Sunday or Weekday* in January or February 2019..

You get to pick one of three pre-written ceremonies, customised with your personal choice of inspirational readings, for a special discounted price of $200. 

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Dear Parent,
Congratulations on the safe arrival of your youngest family member.  Well done you – for managing to keep your little one alive through the early weeks/months of life!   

Does the idea of holding a small ceremony to welcome your new child into the family appeal?   But perhaps you’re not sure you’re up to organising something like that?

If its your first time parenting a baby, there’s a lot to learn, a lot to settle into.  And just as you think you’ve got things figured out, they go and grow into another stage.  If you’re already a more experienced parent, you are likely experiencing the challenge of juggling the needs of the older siblings (or step-siblings) while taking care of your new baby. 

In the past, the religion or cultural traditions of your family would have dictated how and when a child was recognised as a new member of your community.   If you didn’t grow up with a tradition of this sort,  or if you don’t feel like you fit into the old ways of doing things so much any more, then perhaps you’re not really sure what other alternatives are open to you.  A ceremony conducted by a civil celebrant might be just what you need!

Because I know that new parents have a lot on their plate – I have put together three ceremony options for you to choose from.  All you need to do is pick one, and perhaps choose a couple of inspirational readings (I can give you a few to choose from). 

Then we can set a date, and you can invite the people you most want to share the occasion with.  The ceremony can be held in your home or garden, or a local park.  I will bring the bits and pieces required, so you just need to be there, with your baby, to enjoy the experience. 

Some parents like to pick a mid-morning or mid-afternoon timeslot, depending upon what works well with your family’s daily rhythm. Then you have the option to invite your family and/or close friends to bring something to share for morning or afternoon tea after the ceremony.  

A Welcoming or Name-giving Ceremony can be held at any time in baby’s first year of life when you feel ready.  Some people like to hold a ceremony around the time of their child’s first birthday.  It can even be held into the second or third year of life, if you haven’t done it before but still like the idea. 


Your Ceremony Choices

Option One: Naming Ceremony for a New Child

Three godparents hold lit candles as part of a naming ceremony.
Candle lighting ceremony

This classical name-giving ceremony welcomes a new child into the circle of family and close friends, and allows for the appointment of godparents/mentors if desired.  It includes a candle-lighting ceremony as well as an opportunity for anyone who wishes to offer a word or two from their hearts.

Option Two: Four Elements Baby Welcoming Ceremony

Sprinkling with water to symbolise blessings being showered on the child
Blessings for a new being

The guests form a large circle, the parents are honoured in their new roles, and the new child is named and blessed with the four elements – earth, air, fire and water. This ceremony is an excellent choice to welcome a firstborn child into your family.

Option Three: Five-fold Blessing Ceremony for a New Child

Blessing and Name Giving ceremony for a baby boy
Family gather to welcome new baby

Our individual lives are shaped and empowered by five great streams of energy – the legacy of our ancestors, our cultural heritage, the spirit of the times we are born into, the land of our birth, and our soul’s evolving journey through lifetimes. This ceremony invites five family members or close family friends to offer the child a blessing honouring one of these important influences.  In places the words can be adapted to suit your family heritage or personal beliefs.

Alternatively, I can custom-design a ceremony to suit your family’s specific requirements – priced from $350

Offer Conditions

  • Includes one initial meeting and Ishara’s services as your celebrant on your chosen date.
  • Ceremony can be held at your home or a local park of your choice.
  • Only applies to ceremonies and home consultations to be held in suburbs located in either the City of Wanneroo or the City of Joondalup.
  • Offer not available for Saturday ceremonies.
  • A non-refundable booking fee of $100 is required to secure a booking for your date.

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