Are you looking for a way to mark a significant transition or commitment? Let me create a ceremony for you!

Ceremony has many benefits. Whether its a career change, a change of name/identity, a significant birthday, an ending or a new beginning, a custom-designed ceremony can help to clarify and focus your intentions, give expression to tender emotions, affirm your core values and evolving identity. It gives you an opportunity to bring close friends and family members together, and allows you to give and receive the love, support and blessings your being needs and deserves at this time.

I am very happy to work with you to clarify your needs and desires and co-create a ceremony that will express some of what this important moment means to you. Please talk to me to discover what is possible..

  • Blessing circles for pregnant mothers
  • Rites of passage for pre-teen girls
  • Naming ceremonies for adults taking a chosen name
  • Opening or closing ceremonies for events and gatherings
  • Launches
  • House blessings
  • Special birthdays and anniversaries
  • Wisewoman/Croning ceremonies for mature women
  • Saying farewell to a traveller
  • Something else?

If you live in Perth, why not drop me a line or give me a call.. Lets explore how I could support you with a ceremony.

Curious about Blessing Circles? Here’s some more info