I am a LGBTQI-friendly lesbian celebrant, based in the northern suburbs of Perth. My wife Miriam and I hand-fasted in 2007, and were finally able to legally marry in May 2019. I welcome enquiries from clients who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer – love is love and deserves to be treated equally and with respect. You are entitled to a ceremony experience that respects your gender, sexual orientation and family constellation as no more or less important than your personal beliefs and values and cultural heritage.

I can help you and your family with a ceremony to:

  • celebrate your relationship (legally recognised or otherwise)
  • welcome a new family member
  • honour a significant birthday or anniversary
  • say farewell or honour the memory of a deceased loved one
  • or any other occasion that you wish to mark in a special way with ceremony

All my ceremonies are designed in close consultation with you, the client, to ensure that they are a comfortable fit with your own values and beliefs.

Marriage equality – Australian law finally changed!

In 2017 I celebrated 10 years of committed loving relationship with my lovely partner Miriam. We had our original handfasting commitment ceremony at the Spring Equinox in September 2007 in our front garden at Hilton.

Eleven years later following the change to Australian law to enable two people of any gender to legally marry, we formally updated the status of our relationship, with another wedding… (Obviously we both like colourful rituals!)

Baby with Two Mums gets a Naming Ceremony

This baby's two mums held a naming ceremony to welcome him into the family in their own way

This little boy is blessed to have two mums! For lesbian families, finding a celebrant who isn’t going to make you feel weird or uncomfortable about your family constellation is very important. I was very happy to be able to help these two celebrate the birth of their firstborn son, in a way that was meaningful to them. Diane and Fiona chose to appoint ‘Earth-Parents’ for their son (rather than Godparents) – a term they coined to fit their own worldview. Angus’s naming ceremony was a big social occasion for all the extended community of family and friends.