Handfasting is the symbolic tying or binding of the couples joined hands

An old Celtic tradition – handfasting essentially means marriage by ‘taking hand’ with each other in front of witnesses.  In contemporary weddings, we usually add to the symbolism by tying one or more coloured ribbons or cords around the joined hands of the couple.
If handfasting appeals to you, please think about who you would like to tie the ribbons.  Could be the celebrant, close family members such as parents or children, or another signficant person or people.

You may also want to consider the symbolism of the colours of ribbon that you choose – and whether you would like the celebrant to explain this as part of your ceremony.

Once your hands are bound, this can be a good moment for exchanging vows, before we help you to slip your hands free without untying the knot.

Handfasting with Ribbons or Cords
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