Giving away ceremony at a wedding

“Who brings this woman to stand beside this man?”
Bride’s often choose to be escorted into the ceremony by a close family member, often male, but not always.

The ceremony may also include a formal ‘giving away’ ceremony in which the parents (or children) of one or both of the couple are honoured and asked for their ongoing support for the marriage.

An alternative ‘Giving Away’

Celebrant: Bride’s Name, is true that you come of your own free will and accord?
Bride: Yes, it is true.
Celebrant: With whom do you come and whose blessings accompany you?
Father: She comes with me, her father, and is accompanied by all of her family’s blessings.
Celebrant: Please join hands with your beloved and listen to that which I am about to say.


Giving Away
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