Symbolic qualities of fire, earth, water and air are invoked to bless the couple in their union.

Invoking the blessings of Earth, Air, Fire and Water – with words or symbols. This could be done by the celebrant, or by special guests who are happy to have a speaking part in your ceremony.

Earth =  stability, endurance, the body, nourishment.  Earth symbols include feeding each other, food, stones, crystals, soil.

Air = breath, communication, harmony, the mind.  Air symbols include blowing bubbles, feathers, fan, incense/smudge.

Fire = energy, passion, the blood, transformation. Fire symbols include candle lighting, lanterns, sparklers.

Water = purification, flexibility, the emotions. Water symbols include pouring  a libation, drinking from a shared cup, chalice or bowl of water or other liquid.

Curious to know more? Here’s a link to a site which offers some additional suggestions about the elements. 

Elemental Blessings
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