An intimate gathering to shower you with blessings

as you prepare to deepen your commitment to your beloved partner through marriage

What is a Blessing Circle?

A Blessing Circle is an interactive ceremony that brings together your closest friends and family members for sharing and celebration. It is usually hosted in the comfort of someone’s home, and creates a unique opportunity for everyone to shower the person (or couple) preparing to get married with blessings while making more special memories to treasure. Intentionally creating space with people to share some deeper things, can be so meaningful.

A Blessing Circle brings people together in celebration and creates an opportunity for reflection and meaingful connection.

As your Blessing Circle facilitator, I will meet with the guest of honour and the person who will host the ceremony in their home. We will plan an enjoyable program for your blessing circle. Some ceremony elements which can be included are:

  • welcome and introductions,
  • a symbolic ritual of release through the elements of water and/or fire,
  • opportunities for participants to share stories and wisdom,
  • a blessing ritual in which each guest bestows good wishes and blessings on the guest of honour,
  • and a formal close to the ceremony.

During the ceremony we may also have some fun and generate some positive energy through:

  • dancing,
  • guided meditation,
  • drawing oracle cards,
  • a simple craft activity such as making scrapbook pages or blessing dolls to gift to the guest of honour.

The Blessing Circle works best with a small group (4-16 participants), so that we can foster a shared sense of intimacy where everyone feels comfortable to share from their hearts.

Roll of small blessing circle dolls in the colours of the rainbow
These little blessing dolls are simply made and yet so expressive.

Why celebrate with a Blessing Circle?

In previous times, it was less common for a couple to live together prior to marriage. So a wedding not only formalised a change in relationship status, it often also meant moving out of the parental home for the first time, and gaining a new adult status within the extended family and community. While a ‘stag night’ is often seen as a young man’s last night of freedom, brides-to-be have also traditionally had their own kinds of pre-wedding celebrations. In the lead up to a wedding, womenfolk of many cultures have traditionally gathered to help prepare the bride for her new life as a married woman – be it a ‘kitchen tea’, a ‘bridal shower’, or a ‘hen’s night’. Contemporary Australian couples have often already moved in together, and may already be raising children together, before a wedding is planned. Nonetheless the old wedding traditions continue to resonate in our psyches.

If you’re not big on drinking and/or strippers – the two primary traditional stags or hens night activities – you might be interested in an alternative way of connecting with your closest friends that is more aligned with your personal values.

An intimate celebration with special friends

Getting married declares to the world that you and your beloved have a shared commitment to making this your primary and permanent relationship. Your wedding is a celebration of the love that has brought the two of you together, and the hope and faith that you have in your shared future. But what does that mean for the other important people in your life?

A Blessing Circle is a meaningful way to acknowledge and celebrate the existing ties of love & friendship between you and your closest friends and family, as you prepare to formally change your relationship status. It creates an opportunity to remind your close friends and significant family members that they are also important people in your life, to let them know that you treasure the memories that you share from the past and that you value their ongoing love and support as you step forward into the next chapter of your life.

What does the person hosting the Blessing Circle need to provide?

Whether you plan to hold your Blessing Circle in your own home, or whether you are asking a friend or family member to open their home for your gathering, there are a few basic things that will help the gathering to go smoothly.

We will need a comfortable space where your guests can sit in a circle – so that everyone can see each other. This could be on seats, or on cushions on the floor, or a mixture of both.

We will need a table of some sort where we can put the items that are needed for the ceremony. A coffee table or small side table can work well for this. If you wish to include a craft activity, we will need space for this – either on a big table or on the floor. If you wish to include dancing, we’ll need to be able to clear some floor space for this to happen.

Your guests will appreciate being able to help themselves to a glass of water or a cup of tea, and no social gathering feels complete without a small treat of some kind for people to nibble on. You might want to consider inviting your guests to each bring a small plate of finger food to share at the end of the ceremony.

What does it cost and how do I book?

Ishara’s Blessing Circle Package price starts at $360 for up to six guests plus the guest of honour. Additional participants can be added at $30 per head.

This price includes:

  • an initial meeting with the hostess and guest of honour to plan the ceremony activities;
  • preparation and facilitation of the Blessing Circle ceremony;
  • ceremony equipment such as bells, drums, candles, smudge/incense, etc;
  • some basic art/craft materials*

* Some craft activities may incur additional costs, or you may prefer to organise additional materials yourselves (especially if you love collecting stationery or already have baskets of craft materials stashed in your cupboard!)

To book, please contact me to check my availability for your preferred dates/times.

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