also known as Pregnancy Blessingway or Mother Blessing Ceremony


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When held in late pregnancy, a Blessing Circle brings together an intimate circle of women (and sometimes special men as well) to honour a pregnant mother as she readies herself for the birth of her child. Sometimes called a ‘blessingway’ or ‘mother-blessing ceremony’, this ceremony can include elements of a conventional ‘baby shower’.

A blessing circle for a pregnant mother gives close friends and family the opportunity to express their love and offer support and encouragement for the journey ahead. It gives the pregnant mother the opportunity to receive these blessings, and to honour the scale of the changes that are taking place in her life.

A blessing circle is a special place for heart-to-heart sharing between women. Those who already have children may be asked to share words of wisdom about motherhood from their own experience, eg. the most useful piece of advice they ever received. It is a place where the normal anxieties of the pregnant mother can be aired, honoured and symbolically released into the light. Or it can be pure celebration, with the focus firmly on nurturing and cherishing the mother-to-be.

One popular element of a pregnant mother blessing circle is a beading ceremony. Each woman in the circle is invited to bring a bead for the pregnant woman, symbolising her love and good wishes for the birth. These beads are then threaded together to form a bracelet or necklace which the pregnant mother can hold or wear during labour to remind her that she and baby are surrounded by love. A variation is where each guest is asked to paint or embroider a symbol of love and protection for the mother and baby on to a fabric patch. These are then pieced together to make a special quilt for the baby’s cradle.

Another blessing circle activity which can be lots of fun is to decorate the woman’s beautiful pregnant belly with body paint or henna. Or to create birth art, such as mandalas, to inspire the pregnant mother with confidence in her body and the process of giving birth.

During her blessing circle, the pregnant mother is a queen: seated on a beautifully decorated chair, fed nourishing treats, her hair brushed by one attendant whilst another bathes her feet and rubs them with scented oils. Meanwhile, beautiful music plays in the background. Anything which soothes and delights the senses is most appropriate. The idea is to fill up her emotional ‘fuel tank’ in preparation for the demands of childbirth and new motherhood.

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A blessing circle may last for an hour or more, depending upon the number of guests and the kinds of activities you choose. .
At Circles of Blessing, we have a wide repetoire of ideas to offer, and can draw on prior experience to weave these together to form a satisfying overall experience. In most cases we can provide all the necessary materials and provide professional guidance and facilitation to help the event go smoothly.

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Mother Blessing Circle
~ A Sample Menu ~

  • Welcome song
  • Setting the Intention
  • Introductory sharing circle with birth & motherhood quotes
  • Dancing to loosen up the energy
  • Guided meditation – a visit to the Inner Wisewoman
  • Birth art/craft activity, eg. mandalas, egg painting, quilt squares
  • Sensual treats for the pregnant mother
    – hair brushing, annointing of hands, feet and belly, tidbits of fruit, etc
  • Inspirational reading
  • Blessing round with beads (to make a necklace for the birthing mother)
  • Closing song

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