Looking for ideas to help you plan your wedding ceremony?

Something old, something new, something borrowed…

When I became a celebrant I did an extensive search for wedding ceremony ideas which might be of interest to my clients.  My ideas list is not exhaustive, however most people can find some ceremony ideas in my collection that are of interest to them. If you choose to book with me as your celebrant, I will use my expertise and intuition to weave your chosen ideas into a meaningful and coherent ceremony that authentically reflects your values and beliefs as a couple or family.

In planning your ceremony you may wish to draw on traditional symbolic and ritual elements – whether they be a reflection of the cultural or religious traditions you were raised in or a borrowing from elsewhere. Here in Australia we have a rich multi-cultural heritage available to inspire us – so whether you’re sticking to tradition or departing from it, there are plenty of different ideas to choose from.

Ways to ask for and symbolise community support for the marriage

Community Pledge of Support

Will you ask your guests to signify their support for your marriage in some fashion? This might take the form of a ceremonial question which everyone responds to, signing a keepsake certificate at the end of the ceremony, or writing a good wish or blessing in a memory book or on a wishing tree.

Bride and groom drink from a shared cup

Drinking from a Shared Cup

There is a lovely tradition from several different places where the bride and groom celebrate their union by drinking from a shared cup. In the Celtic/Irish version, the couple drink three times from the Loving Cup -  to the love they have shared in the past,  to the love they are sharing in this moment, and to the love they will share in all the days to come. Those with Scottish heritage might want to use a Claddagh cup for this little ritual. Those with French connections might like to incorporate the ceremonial blending of two wines, symbolising the union of two families.

Symbolic qualities of fire, earth, water and air are invoked to bless the couple in their union.

Elemental Blessings

Invoking the blessings of Earth, Air, Fire and Water - with words or symbols. This could be done by the celebrant, or by special guests who are happy to have a speaking part in your ceremony. Earth =  stability, endurance, the body, nourishment.  Earth symbols include feeding each other, food, stones, crystals, soil. Air = breath, communication, harmony, the mind.  Air symbols include blowing bubbles, feathers, fan, incense/smudge. Fire = energy, passion, the blood, transformation. Fire symbols include candle lighting, lanterns, sparklers. Water = purification, flexibility, the emotions. Water symbols include pouring  a libation, drinking from a shared cup, chalice or bowl of water or other liquid. Curious to know more? Here's a link to a site which offers some additional suggestions about the elements. 

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