Looking for ideas to help you plan your wedding ceremony?

Something old, something new, something borrowed…

When I became a celebrant I did an extensive search for wedding ceremony ideas which might be of interest to my clients.  My ideas list is not exhaustive, however most people can find some ceremony ideas in my collection that are of interest to them. If you choose to book with me as your celebrant, I will use my expertise and intuition to weave your chosen ideas into a meaningful and coherent ceremony that authentically reflects your values and beliefs as a couple or family.

In planning your ceremony you may wish to draw on traditional symbolic and ritual elements – whether they be a reflection of the cultural or religious traditions you were raised in or a borrowing from elsewhere. Here in Australia we have a rich multi-cultural heritage available to inspire us – so whether you’re sticking to tradition or departing from it, there are plenty of different ideas to choose from.

Wedding rings may be blessed in some way before being exchanged

Blessing the Rings

If you are exchanging rings, do you want them to be blessed or dedicated in some way before you do this?  If so, who would you like to do this for you? Often the blessing of rings is done by the celebrant, but it can also be done by parents or another significant person, or by passing the rings around the whole gathering so that everyone can add their thoughts and good wishes.

Lighting candles as a wedding ceremony ritual symbolising union of the couple

Candle Lighting

If you are having an indoor ceremony, lighting one or more candles can add to the ambiance. (Outdoors it is a bit more tricky to get candles to stay alight.) A candle can be lit to symbolise:

  • your hopes and dreams for your shared future
  • the light of the Divine
  • in honour of a beloved family member who is no longer with us
  • blessings of the element of fire, bringing sustained warmth and passion to your ongoing relationship

Making a grand entrance at the start of a wedding ceremony

Ceremonial Entrance

Will you start your ceremony by making a grand entrance? The bride may wish to show off her finery by processing into the ceremony accompanied by one or more close relatives or friends. Sometimes the bride and groom will enter the space from different directions and meet in the ceremony space.  Sometimes the couple may prefer enter arm in arm. Or you can simply take your places, and when all is ready, we will begin the ceremony without an entrance.

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