Name-giving ceremony for a little boy with two mums – Willagee, Western Australia, March 2010

“Our day was made so much more special thanks to Ishara. She helped us plan the ceremony, giving us lots of ideas while incorporating our own. We have had many compliments on how lovely our son’s baby blessing was and we are very happy with how the day turned out.”

Fiona Haste and Dianne Dyer

This little boy is blessed to have two mums!  For lesbian families, finding a celebrant who isn't going to make you feel weird or uncomfortable about your family constellation is very important. I was very happy to be able to help these two celebrate the birth of their firstborn son, in a way that was meaningful to them.  Diane & Fiona chose to appoint 'Earth-Parents' for their son (rather than Godparents) - a term they coined to fit their own worldview.  Angus's naming ceremony was a big social occasion for all the extended community of family and friends.

Baby Naming Ceremony held on 28th March 2010 at Southern Districts Senior Citizens Center, Willagee.

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