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A wedding is about the joining of two people, two lives.

Getting married
 is among the most significant life decisions you will ever make. The promises you make to each other on your wedding day, the special memories you create together, can be an important part of what sustains the love in your relationship through the years ahead.

As your marriage celebrant I will work with you to co-create a personalised, personally meaningful wedding ceremony. Your wedding can and should be an authentic expression of who you are – both individually and as a couple – your love for each other, your hopes and dreams for your relationship, your shared values.

I encourage couples to spend some time reflecting together on the special things that make life meaningful for you, both individually and as a couple. Then I work with you to craft a ceremony that will reflect your unique love story: the two people that you are and the special magic that brings you together.

The shape that ceremony takes is up to you.

For some, a wedding is a public celebration of the joining of two extended families, two ‘tribes’ of family and friends. For others, it is a more private, two people making a personal commitment to each other with only the closest intimates as witness.

Some prefer to stay close to the family and cultural traditions they grew up with, whilst other more adventurous souls draw inspiration from the symbols of a wider range of the worlds cultural and spiritual traditions, or invent brand new ones!

Whatever the ceremony you are dreaming of, I have plenty of great ideas to share with you. (Take a look at our Wedding Ceremony Rituals ideas page.)

I welcome your creative engagement with the development of your wedding ceremony in whatever way works for you. If you have favourite inspirational readings you’d like included, or if you think you might like to write your vows or some of the other words yourself, I will be more than happy to accomodate you.

For those who wish to have their union solemnised under law, there are a few legal details you need to be aware of: (View the legal requirements for getting married in Australia. )

I strongly recommend that you get in touch as soon as possible to discuss price and availability, as I do accept bookings up to one year ahead.

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A Handfasting or Commitment Ceremony

Tying the ribbons at a handfasting ceremony in Perth WA

Handfasting with ribbons

Love know no boundaries and I am happy to offer my services to all loving couples. If you cannot or do not wish to marry legally, you are free to gather with your friends and family to celebrate your committed relationship with a meaningful ceremony.

Please be assured that I will treat your handfasting ceremony with the same respect and dignity as I would a legal wedding. We won’t have to concern ourselves with any legal requirements, which means that we have complete freedom to design your handfasting or commitment ceremony however you would like it to be.

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Am I the right celebrant for you?

Naturally you want to know that the celebrant you are engaging is a good fit with your values and personal style. The best way to figure out whether I am the right celebrant for you is to speak with me!

That’s why I encourage you to give me a phone call on 0415593408.
OR you can use the enquiry form below, and I will call you at a time that suits you..

I recognise that choosing a celebrant is an important decision, so if you prefer to meet face to face I’m happy to make an appointment to for a cuppa (in the Fremantle area) so you can check me out and talk to me about your situation.

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