‘Welcome to Family’

These days families come in all different shapes and sizes, and there is more than one way of becoming family. A ceremony can be a beautiful way to welcome a new family member, whether you are celebrating a new baby born into the family, fostering or legally adopting child, honouring an ‘adopted’ auntie or uncle, or seeking peace and harmony within a newly blended family.

To know that you belong, to know that you have people who are committed to caring about your wellbeing, to celebrating your successes and helping you out in times of trouble, this is true wealth in an increasingly uncertain world. Indigenous peoples recognise the importance of kinship in a way that many westerners have lost sight of.

At Circles of Blessing, I will work with you to co-create a unique ‘welcome to family’ ceremony that reflects your family values and beliefs, drawing on symbolic elements from any traditions which appeal to you.

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