Baby Naming Ceremonies in Perth & Fremantle WA

Welcoming Baby into the Family

Many cultural traditions welcome a new baby into her circle of family and community with a ceremony of some sort. At Circles of Blessing, I will work with you to co-create a unique ceremony that reflects your family values and beliefs, drawing on symbolic elements from any traditions which appeal to you.

A blessing or welcoming ceremony can be held whenever the parents feel ready – sometimes within the first few months of life, often around the child’s first birthday. (And no, its never too late to hold a blessing ceremony for your child!)

Good wishes or blessings may be bestowed on the child by the significant people in her life, eg parents, grandparents, older brothers and sisters, godparents or guardians who will have a special role in the child’s life, and/or by the whole assembled circle of family and friends

You may also like your ceremony to include:

  • a symbolic honouring of the child’s ancestry and cultural heritage
  • thanks-giving for a safe birth experience for mother and baby
  • parent’s re-affirmation of their love and support for each other in their new roles
  • honouring of an older sibling’s new roles as big brother or big sister
  • family & friends pledge of support to the new family

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Naming Ceremonies in Perth & Fremantle WA

A naming ceremony can be held for a child of any age.
A name-giving can also be held for an adult wishing to mark and celebrate a legal change of name.

The tradition of holding a naming ceremony dates back to Roman times. In those days the newest member of the family was not legally recognised until he or she had been acknowledged by the head of the household through a formal name-giving ceremony. Today a name-giving ceremony or ‘naming day’ commonly provides an opportunity for family and friends to gather around the growing family and offer their support and good wishes for the child’s health and happiness.

The ceremony usually includes a formal announcement of the name and its special significance, eg. a description of its origin or meaning, and/or a personal story about how and why this particular name was chosen.

Ishara will prepare a Circles of Blessing presentation certificate showing the name given, along with the date and place of the name-giving ceremony. This is then signed by family members and friends who attend the name-giving ceremony, and kept as a memento of the occasion.

During the ceremony the child’s parents may wish to announce and honour any adult relatives or friends they have invited to play a special role in their child’s life (for example as ‘guardians’ or ‘godparents’).

Any of the elements described above under Baby Blessing Ceremonies can also be woven into the design of your name-giving ceremony.

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Pricing & Enquiries

My standard fee for a Naming Ceremony or Baby Blessing within the Perth metro area is $390*.   This service includes:

  • a ceremony design consultation (approx 1 hour),
  • script-writing for a personalised ceremony to your design specifications,
  • a visit to your home or chosen ceremony site to confirm logistical arrangements and finalise the ceremony outline, and
  • professional facilitation of your ceremony at the time and place of your choice.

*A local area discount of $40 is available for clients/ceremonies located within the cities/towns of Fremantle, East Fremantle,  Cockburn, Melville, Mosman Park, Peppermint Grove and Cottesloe.  Enquire on booking.

Naturally you want to know that the celebrant you are engaging is a good fit with your values and personal style. The best way to figure out whether I am the right celebrant for you is to speak with me.

That’s why I encourage you to give me a phone call to check my availability. OR you can use the enquiry form below, and I will call you at a time that suits you..

I recognise that choosing a celebrant is an important decision, so if you prefer to meet face to face I’m happy to make an appointment to for a cuppa (in the Fremantle area) so you can check me out and talk to me about your situation.

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