About Ishara

Ishara de Garis – Celebrant

I became a registered marriage celebrant in 2008, because I am passionate about the power of ceremony, and I wanted to be able to bring its magic to couples who wanted to legally register a marriage, Celebrant Ishara de Garisas well as those who wanted a special ceremony but who could not or did not wish to make it legal.

“From the beginning of time,
human beings have come together in circles of community
to celebrate significant moments in our individual and shared lives.   

A ceremony, like this one, is a special kind of celebration.
It offers us an invitation to pause and reflect upon the things which make life meaningful – our values, our hopes and dreams for ourselves and the ones we love.” 
– Ceremony introduction by Ishara

I first began designing and facilitating ceremonies for my community in my mid-twenties, and quickly fell in love with ceremony as a creative medium. Ceremony allows us to express emotion, affirm our shared values and to builds on our sense of connection – to each other, and to timeless human tradition.

Through my twenties and thirties I was invited to co-create ceremonies for a range of occasions, including:

  • to honour an elder birthday,
  • on the eve of marriage (alternative to hens night), as a co-celebrant at a wedding,
  • to celebrate and attune to the local cycle of seasons (we have six not four here in Perth),
  • to welcome new babies into their families,
  • for the opening of a major conference, and
  • for women wanting to explore their connection to the divine feminine.

In 2007 I met and married my partner Miriam. Unable to legally register our marriage we chose instead to create our own handfasting ceremony, and quickly discovered the difficulties of doing without a celebrant!  Fortunately for us, our good friend Tamara Lampard (marriage celebrant), stepped in to hold the ceremony space for us, and we had a very special experience with our family and friends gathered around as witnesses.

Celebrant Ishara and partner Miriam at their handfasting ceremony

Celebrant Ishara de Garis and her partner Miriam at their spring handfasting ceremony

In 2008, with Miriam’s encouragement, I trained and registered as a civil celebrant, so that I would be able to help others to have their special ceremony experience too.

Over the past 8 years since becoming an authorised marriage celebrant, I have performed over 150 ceremonies for a wide range of clients – weddings, baby blessings, pregnant mama blessings, and funerals/memorial services.